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Update 6.8.0 for Collax V-Cube and Collax V-Cube+

With the new update 6.8.0 also Collax V-Cube and Collax V-Cube+ get new, modern and intelligent user interfaces. Additionally we fixed the „ShellShock-Bug” with this release.

With the new update 6.8.0 also Collax V-Cube and Collax V-Cube+ get new, modern and intelligent user interfaces. Additionally we fix the „ShellShock-Bug” with this release. Please, find the most important changes below:

Security: GNU Bash – ShellShock
In the source code of the GNU Bash security holes have been discovered. These holes will be closed within this Collax software update.

Collax V-Cube+: Setting the Node in the Maintenance Mode
In the array, the two V-Cube+ servers are referred to as nodes. From this update on nodes can be set to maintenance mode by a single-click. Access the overview of the nodes via the dashboard and select the action Start Maintenance Mode. Activate Nodes is used to reactivate cluster nodes in the V-Cube+ cluster after maintenance work. The nodes that are currently in maintenance mode are displayed. Click the action to automatically reactivate all listed nodes.

Collax V-Cube+: Booting a Node
From this update on nodes that are connected to a PDU can be booted via right-click through the Web Administration interface.

GUI: Dashboard
The dashboard presents the overall status at a glance. In at least three graphical groups, the Collax Server shows analyses of the following information areas. Click one of the fields in order to get further information or configure settings. Jobs shows whether any jobs are currently active in the background. Storage shows the most important data areas along with their fill level. At a glance, the Monitoring section shows whether the services and hardware work correctly. An event log can be accessed with a click for further details.

GUI: Batch Management for Dialogues
In the state-of-the-art user interface, certain dialogs are managed alongside each other in batches. These batches are displayed in the header bar of the user interface. Using the mouse, the focus can be switched between these batches. The advantage is that frequently-used dialogs can be kept open and are thus immediately available in the administration. You can open a dialogue in a new batch using the middle mouse key.

GUI: Search for Forms
You can search for forms left-hand in the menu. The search result will be displayed in a batch dialogue. You will be redirected to the form by klicking the search result.

GUI: Job – Notifications
On the system, certain actions are executed in the background. To be able to see the exact status and progress of such background jobs, these are displayed in the administration interface without any delay. The right-upper corner of the Web administration shows whether any jobs are currently active in the background. Several jobs may be started simultaneously. The progress of a job is indicated in percent. Errors are highlighted in color.

GUI: System Information
Collax Server offer extensive possibilities to analyze the entire system. For this purpose, a lot of information is provided: from product information to the graphical presentation of the system load to detailed statistics. Product Information The left-hand side of the menu features some important basic information about the product, the current version, and the license status. Individual lines can be selected and copied with the mouse pointer. Current System Load The System Load section presents a graphical display of the current system load. More comprehensive and detailed statistical graphs can be accessed with a click. Statistics The statistical graphs show the CPU, RAM, hard disk, and network traffic load in the form of continuous performance curves.

GUI: Smart Dialogue Guidance Assistance
During the configuration of the system, the smart dialog guidance assists you in certain configuration tasks. All needed parameters are queried under consideration of the context, and feedback is provided concerning any additional settings or actions.

Please, find further information in the release notes.

New versions:
» Collax V-Cube 6.8.0
» Collax V-Cube+ 6.8.0

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