Collax Server Add Ons

Add-On Modules for Collax Server

Collax offers flexible server solutions with individual expansion options. Our customers appreciate this flexibility.
For the installation of software modules, appropriate packages are downloaded from the update server and integrated into the system. As a rule, an installation can take place if the relevant product or additional module has been activated with a license key.


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Collax Information and Security Intelligence


  • Everything at a glance in real-time
  • Evaluate relationships
  • Visual processing of information
  • Detailed analysis by drill-down
  • Scalable client-server architecture
  • Big Data Capable
  • Elastic stack out-of-the-box
  • PDF Reports


    IT systems perform a variety of tasks. But what can be learned about their efficiency, are there bottlenecks or do they affect safety? All systems collect extensive information and make it available unfiltered. But they are difficult to interpret as a sequence of countless individual events. With Collax Information and Security Intelligence you get a new view of your infrastructure.


    Collax Information and Security Intelligence breaks down the flood of information, sorts it and prepares it anew. Via the frontend Kibana the data is presented graphically or in the original in real time.  With one click each, different aspects can be examined in detail (drill-down). Interrelationships become easily visible and key infrastructure data can be measured.

    Detect threats.

    There is one thing in which humans are still far superior to machines: pattern recognition. An anomaly stands out, even if you've never seen it before. However, it is not easy to teach a machine at least the detection of known anomalies. Whether an algorithm uncovers unknown ones can only be determined afterwards. With Collax Information and Security Intelligence, even simple visualizations can provide unexpected insights.

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    Collax Let's Encrypt


    • Free Certificates
    • User Friendly Management
    • Domain Validated-Certificates
    • Automated Certificate Renewal


      Let's Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority (CA), run for the public’s benefit. People and porganizations over the world can retrieve the digital certificates they need in order to enable HTTPS (SSL/TLS) for websites. 

      The objective of Let’s Encrypt and the ACME protocol is to make it possible to set up an Collax web server with SSL and have it automatically obtain a browser-trusted certificate, without any human intervention. This is accomplished by running the Collax user friendly Let's encrypt certificate management agent on the Collax server.



      Kopano Groupware for Collax


      • Comprehensive collaboration solution
      • Joint access to calender, tasks and contacts
      • Seamles integration
      • Easy administration – remote administration possible
      • Full Outlook compatibility
      • ActiveSync compatibility via Z-Push
      • Individual - select one of three editions


      The increased use of mobile devices and browser-based applications underlines the need for a collaboration platform that is available throughout the enterprise. The Collax add-on Kopano Groupware offers access to e-mail, calendars, contacts, tasks, and other resources from every terminal device that is used.


      Enterprise Groupware and Communication for Desktop, Browser and Mobile

      Kopano provides all traditional groupware functionality with e-mail, advanced calendaring, contacts, tasks and notes. With full support for ACLs, public folders, delegation, enterprise search and much more, Kopano Core is perfectly suited for usage as messaging platform with professional needs in communication..


      Meet online with unparalleled video and audio quality, right within WebApp. Use presentation mode to increase your team’s productivity, or simply sharing your screen to get everyone looking at the same document.

      See who’s online and start an online meeting or chat at the click of a button. Invite external participants to your web meeting via an email or directly from the meeting request. They only need a browser to join your meeting.

      File Sharing – Keep Control

      It is easy to share files and folders using your existing storage tools such as ownCloud or the Collax File Server. With Files you can browse through your folders and stay in control of who has access to shared data, all without switching to a different application.

      And when someone shares a file or folder with you, you can work on it straight from the WebApp interface.

      Mobile Access

      Bring your email, calendars and contacts with you, wherever you go! Z-Push makes it possible to sync your mobile device throughout the day so you stay on top of your work while you are on the road.

      You can not only synchronize the company’s address book, but also schedule meetings and reply to our emails or view attachments from your phone. No additional apps are required!

      Thanks to Z-Push you are able to seamlessly connect Outlook 2013 and newer to Kopano.

      Restore single Objects and E-Mails
      Using the Kopano-based brick-level backup/restore functionality, individual e-mails or mailboxes can easily be restored.

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      Collax E-Mail Archive


      • Audit-proof e-mail archiving
      • Fulfills legal requirements
      • Provable data integrity (signing of archived e-mails)
      • Unmodified archiving
      • Quick and easy procedure
      • Dual control




      As taxpayers, enterprises are under the obligation to ensure audit-proof archiving of business-relevant e-mails. The Collax E-Mail Archive delivers an easy way to fulfill the requirements of the tax authorities. Additionally, to facilitate the daily work with e-mail, every team member can be granted access to his own e-mail archive.

      Ready to use in no time
      The Collax E-Mail Archive can easily be activated in a very short time. It archives incoming and outgoing e-mails and forwards an unalterable copy to the mail server. This process takes place automatically and is manipulation-proof. The archiving can be performed even if the mails are forwarded to another mail server.

      Separate archives for all users
      Apart from the mandatory functionality, each employee can be granted access to a separate e-mail archive. An efficient search function enables extensive research in old correspondence. Every user can restore e-mails without any assistance. Moreover, the archiving effectively reduces the load of the mail server.

      Fulfillment of legal requirements
      The e-mails are indexed before they are submitted to the mail server. This way it is easier to find them later on. Moreover, the e-mails are signed in order to enable the verification of their authenticity and integrity when accessing them. Images can be generated for audit-proof long-term storage on read-only media like CD, DVD, or Blu-ray disc.

      Abuse prevention
      If research needs to be done in the entire archive, a designated auditor can access all e-mails. To prevent abuse, it is important for a second user (e.g. a member of the works council) to confirm the full access with a second password in line with the dual control principle. An e-mail notification is triggered to a stored e-mail address. Every search performed by the auditor is logged by the system.

      Legal situation
      With its principles for data access and auditability of digital documents (GDPdU), Germany's Federal Ministry of Finance has specified how tax-relevant data that have not been processed in paper form are to be handled. The guideline provides for long-term, unalterable, and secure storage of the messages. It explicitly rules out conventional archiving by printing out the data.

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      Collax Avira AntiVir


      • Automatic updates
      • Administrator alerts
      • Quarantining for unknown archive/file formats
      • Automatic deletion of infected files
      • Real-time scanning of e-mails (with attachments) and Web traffic
      • Scanning of the file cache
      • Supports all common file sharing, e-mail, and Web protocols


      Collax Avira AntiVir is a high-quality, reliable product for protection against viruses and malware. It is based on the technology of the market-leading anti-virus company Avira.

      Collax has perfectly adapted the multiple award-winning, popular anti-virus software to the Collax C-Servers. The solution can be integrated seamless with a click for immediate maximum protection against threats from the Internet. For this purpose, Collax Avira AntiVir makes use of three different mechanisms: e-mail scanning, file scanning, and Web traffic scanning.

      Collax offers the following variants of the tried-and-tested anti-virus software:

      E-mail scanner with file scanner

      Variant 1: Installed in the Collax Groupware Suite, our Collax Avira AntiVir add-on provides protection from unwanted e-mails and malicious content. In this context, we seamlessly integrate the e-mail and file-scanning technology of Avira in our servers.

      Web traffic scanner with file scanner
      Variant 2: We offer the Web traffic scanner together with the file scanner as an add-on for the Collax Groupware Suite. This constellation represents an easy and efficient way of controlling the use of the Internet in your company. The file scanner contributes to security by screening manually introduced data (e.g. on USB sticks or smartphones).

      File scanner

      Variant 3: We now offer the file scanner as an add-on for the Collax Groupware Suite. With this functionality, you can ensure maximum security for all your data. The file scanner reliably identifies and eliminates infected documents.

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      Collax Virus Protection


      • Automatic updates
      • Administrator alerts
      • Quarantining for unknown archive/file formats
      • Automatic deletion of infected files
      • Scanning for all common viruses, Trojans, and other malware
      • Real-time scanning of e-mails (with attachments) and Web traffic
      • Scanning of the file cache
      • Supports all common file sharing, e-mail, and Web protocols


      Collax Virus Protection is another solution product that we recommend and offer for protection against viruses. It is especially suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. The solution makes use of the multiple award-winning, market-leading technology of Kaspersky Lab. Following the speedy installation, it provides triple protection for your business:

      E-mail scanner
      The e-mail scanner powered by Kaspersky Lab identifies, analyzes, and eliminates undesirable e-mails with malicious content. The employed technology is based on more than 14 years of experience of Kaspersky Lab in this area.

      Web traffic scanner
      The Web traffic scanner of Collax Virus Protection enables efficient and meaningful surveillance of the Internet use. Combined with Collax, the experience and know-how of Kaspersky Labs enhance the security of your enterprise.
      File scanner
      Most viruses penetrate enterprises manually, e.g. through infected files on USB sticks or smartphones. The infected files are then saved to a file server, from where they can spread throughout the company. Using a file scanner, you can identify and eliminate such files. Use of the Kaspersky Lab file scanner on a Collax server enables accurate identification and efficient scanning technology.

      Collax offers all three methods individually or as a complete package.

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      Collax SSL-VPN


      • Secure access to closed networks
      • No need to install clients
      • Remote access with any browser
      • Assignment of user rights per user


      Nowadays, even external employees must be able to access certain information in the company network around the clock. SSL VPN is the method of choice when it comes to providing easy and quick access with a high level of security. Collax SSL VPN delivers functions that enable team members to connect to the company network without installing access software. All that is needed for the access is a common browser. Thus, it is possible to use laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

      Desktop in the browser
      A browser applet enables remote control of a shared computer. In this way, the workstation in the company turns mobile and can be used easily on the road or from the home office. The mouse and keyboard are supported as usual. Alternatively, the Windows utility "Remote Desktop Connection" can be used.

      Desktop applications
      If external access to a particular application on an internal server is necessary or desired, Collax SSL VPN can establish the required network connection. To establish the connection, the user merely needs to log in via a browser. The connection between the application and the server will be established in the background. The user can now work like in the office, without noticing any difference.

      Web applications
      The Web applications that are deployed in the internal network often have poor security standards or can be accessed without user login. Thus, direct access from the Internet cannot be realized. Collax SSL VPN enables secure external access to such applications. After authenticating, authorized users can use such applications as usual.

      With the help of state-of-the-art encryption technology, every tunnel is protected from third-party access. Moreover, the administrator can precisely define which data are to be shared with which team member and via which access mode.

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      Collax Surf Protection


      • One of the largest URL databases
      • One of the largest image databases
      • 68 categories, updated every day
      • Up to 150,000 new URLs every day
      • Real-time matching (real-time monitoring)
      • Can be used as blacklist or whitelist

      Time-controlled use of Web shops, social networks, or news pages: Determine when your team members may access which websites. The central virus protection blocks dangerous contents before they can penetrate your network.
      Collax Surf Protection is based on the mature Cobion URL database.

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