Collax C-Server

The optimum solution for an integrated infrastructure

Especially for SME and freelancers, Collax has developed three products that, when combined, form a complete IT infrastructure. The solutions – which are easy to install, can be deployed flexibly, and come at a fair price – cover three areas: collaboration, infrastructure, and security.

Modern & flexibel
Benefits include a uniform, browser-based user interface and in-house support. Collax C-Servers can be expanded as needed by means of extensions and can cover additional areas such as backup & restore, e-mail archiving, or SSL-VPN.

Integrated Package
All Collax C-Servers are also available as appliances (hardware with pre-installed software).


Central IT infrastructure

The Collax Business Server is the central instance of a company network and covers all needs, such as reliable data management and data storage, connection of all workplaces via the Internet, security, and e-mail.

» Collax Business Server

Full protection for your network

By way of unified threat management (UTM), the Collax Security Gateway provides comprehensive protection against all dangers, threats, and attacks from the Internet. The set of rules is location-independent and supports terminal servers.

» Collax Security Gateway

Collaboration solution with Zarafa

The Collax Groupware Suite is the ideal collaboration platform for small and growing structures. It enables location-independent use of e-mail, appointments, tasks, and contacts. On the basis of Zarafa, it delivers a full-fledged mail server with all security functions.

» Collax Groupware Suite

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