Collax Emdbedded SAN - High Available Storage Solution


  • No additional SAN necessary
  • Redundant Shared Sorage
  • Easy Administration

Collax Embedded SAN


High Availability with Shared Storage

If a node fails, shared storage is a basic requirement to ensure that virtual machines can operate on the remaining active node.  Hence, storage must always be available for both nodes (shared storage) in order to guarantee that a virtual machine can – after the migration to the remaining node - use the assigned hard disk.


Collax Embedded SAN – integrated high available storage solution
Collax V-Bien, cost-effective high availability solution, utilizes Collax Embedded SAN in order to provide coherent and synchronized storage space. Collax Embedded SAN synchronizes data on the integrated hard disks of both high available Collax V-Bien nodes.  In comparison to traditional solutions, Collax V-Bien needs no additional SAN.

How does Collax Embedded SAN work?
During normal operation the storage ensures data transaction safety. This means that the writing process is not completed at application level until the storage has been synchronized on both nodes. Synchronization is ongoing performed without delay to ensure that all data are redundantly available at any time. Collax V-Bien automatically establishes an area to allocate ISO-files within the storage.

If parts of the storage fail, Collax V-Bien takes appropriate measures to ensure high availability of data as data integrity has highest priority. During error condition, the cluster management of Collax V-Bien prohibits access of the failed node or transfers the writing permission for the Embedded SAN and the corresponding virtual machines to the intact node. In order to avoid any undefined situations and to secure data integrity, the Collax Fencing Device will remove the faulty node from the cluster.

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