Collax Groupware Suite

Unified Collaboration solution powered by Kopano


  • Integrated mail server
  • Reliable integration of mobile devices
  • Fully compatible with Microsoft Outlook
  • Comprehensive collaboration solution
  • Global calendar function
  • Spam and virus protection
  • Optional e-mail archive
  • Location-independent access






The increased use of mobile devices and browser-based applications underlines the need for a collaboration platform that is available throughout the enterprise. The Collax Groupware Suite offers access to e-mail, calendars, contacts, tasks, and other resources from every terminal device that is used.



Enterprise Groupware and Communication for Desktop, Browser and Mobile

Kopano provides all traditional groupware functionality with e-mail, advanced calendaring, contacts, tasks and notes. With full support for ACLs, public folders, delegation, enterprise search and much more, Kopano Core is perfectly suited for usage as messaging platform with professional needs in communication..


Meet online with unparalleled video and audio quality, right within WebApp. Use presentation mode to increase your team’s productivity, or simply sharing your screen to get everyone looking at the same document.

See who’s online and start an online meeting or chat at the click of a button. Invite external participants to your web meeting via an email or directly from the meeting request. They only need a browser to join your meeting.

File Sharing – Keep Control

It is easy to share files and folders using your existing storage tools such as ownCloud or the Collax File Server. With Files you can browse through your folders and stay in control of who has access to shared data, all without switching to a different application.

And when someone shares a file or folder with you, you can work on it straight from the WebApp interface.

Mobile Access

Bring your email, calendars and contacts with you, wherever you go! Z-Push makes it possible to sync your mobile device throughout the day so you stay on top of your work while you are on the road.

You can not only synchronize the company’s address book, but also schedule meetings and reply to your emails or view attachments from your phone. No additional apps are required!

Thanks to Z-Push you are able to seamlessly connect Outlook 2013 and newer to Kopano.

Recovery of individual e-mails

Using the Zarafa-based brick-level backup/restore functionality, individual e-mails or mailboxes can easily be restored.

Collax Groupware Suite as an appliance
The Collax Groupware Suite is also available as an appliance (hardware with pre-installed software). Please contact our distributors for detailed information.

Further information:
» Collax Groupware Suite Datasheet

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