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Collax provides flexible server solutions with individual expansion possibilities. This flexibility appreciate our dealer and extend functionality with custom apps (applications) for the expansion of IT in business.

These amazing ISV Apps are going to be installed via an cabinet file directly on your Collax server. Customers can simply select an APP of their choice and than install the highly integrated Application.

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The following special Applications are available for Collax Server.

Collax DOS powered Honesty&ECM

Collax DOS powered by Honesty&ECM is the latest generation of enterprise content management software for electronic document management. This automates recurring filing processes, you say goodbye to mountains of paper and expensive storage locations and make processes comprehensible and transparent. Read more...

Whether in the cloud or on premise: perfect collaboration anytime and anywhere. Browser-independent thanks to HTML5, you have control over your data storage.

Integration with Collax optimizes the on-premise solution and provisioning. In addition, Web GUI control facilitates maintenance of the platform and HONESTY& ECM.

» Vendor: sc synergy GmbH

» Integration: Collax GmbH

» License Honesty& ECM:  proprietary, fee-based

» Lizenz der Integration: Collax license

» Price: on request

» Contact: Collax GmbHsc synergy GmbH

» Products: Collax Server

» Version: From version 7.0.32

» Contact Support: Collax GmbH

Nextcloud - Your secure workspace

Nextcloud puts your data at your fingertips, under your control. Store your documents, calendar, contacts and photos on a server in your data center, at home or at one of our providers.

Nextcloud provides desktop clients for Windows, Mac and Linux. With these you can keep one or more folders full of your photos, videos and documents synchronized with your server.

The integration of nextcloud into Collax Server by Spätig Informatik merges all base enterprise functionality of Collax systems like central user management, certificate management, usage policies, share management and data backup and restore.

» Integration: Spätig Informatik AG

» License of Software: AGPLV3

» License of Integration: free

» Price: -

» Contakt: Collax Sales

» Produkte: Collax Business Server, Collax Groupware Suite, Collax Platform Server with Web Storage Modul

» Versions: from 7.0.6 in 64 Bit

» Download ACN-File (Version 13)

» Download ACN-File

Linudata Open VPN

Linudata Open VPN is Your private path to access network
resources and services securely. OpenVPN offers a cost-effective, lightweight alternative to other VPN technologies that is well-targeted for the SME and enterprise markets.

This integration of OpenVPN by Linudata uses all server funcitons of the Collax system like the  user management, the intelligent firewall matrix, the certificate management and the usage policies. Additional useful functions like the export of client settings including certificates and a detailed statistic are implemeted.

» Integration: Linudata GmbH

» Lizenz of Software: GPL

» Lizenz of Integration: Proprietär/kostenpflichtig

» Price:

» Contact: Collax Sales

» Products: Collax Business Server, Collax Security Gateway, Collax Platform Server with Gatekeeper-Modul

» Versions: from 7.0.6 - 64 Bit

» Support: Collax GmbH

» Download ACN-File

» ACN Installation - Howto

» Collax Linudata OpenVPN Documentation - Howto(DE)

Let's Encrypt

Let's Encrypt is a free, automated and a global Certificate Authority (CA). People and organizations around the world can obtain, renew, and manage SSL/TLS certificates. The certificates can be used by websites to enable secure HTTPS connections.

This integration into the Collax system provides a GUI control to get Let's Encrypt certificates. In addition, the renewal of the certificates for all supplied Collax services is automatically executed in the background.

» Integration: NIT Services

» Lizense of the service of Let's Encrypt: non-profit

» License of Integration: proprietary, fee-based

» Price: On request

» Products: all Collax servers

» Version: From version 7.0.6

» Support:

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