Collax V-Bien

Carefree package for virtualization and high availability


  • Virtualization & high availability
  • Multiple virtual networks
  • Hardware, software, and support included
  • Hardware service included
  • Patented Collax Fencing Device
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Automatic Cluster setup
  • Straightforward license system





Collax V-Bien is an integrated package for virtualization and high availability. In addition to software and hardware, it also comprises the patented Collax Fencing Device and support.

Designed for small businesses and freelancers
During the development of Collax V-Bien, we focused on the needs of small enterprises, branches, and freelancers. Collax V-Bien is scalable and offers maximum performance with virtualization and hign availability in these environments. Equipped with one processor socket and 64 GB RAM per node Collax V-Bien offers the same functionality as Collax V-Bien Office or Collax V-Bien Pro.


Security and high availability
Collax V-Bien consists of two identical units. In this way, failures are compensated, and all enterprise servers remain operational. Thanks to the patented Collax Fencing Device, the availability of the servers can be upheld even if a unit should suddenly fail.

Multiple virtual networks
Collax V-Bien allows to apply multiple virtual networks. For additional integrated network interfaces, a virtual switch can be created.

Integrated package
Collax V-Bien combines all needed components in a single solution. This approach saves costs and facilitates the maintenance. A joint contact is available if you have questions or problems.

Easy administration
Collax V-Bien is administered like a single server. The browser-controlled user interface enables the configuration of all settings via remote access. The servers and their backups can also be administered remotely, and status information and statistics can be accessed remotely as well.

Efficient utilization of available resources
In normal operation, both units of Collax V-Bin are used in order to balance the server load. The running servers only need to draw closer in the event of malfunction.

Based on virtualization
To achieve high availability of any enterprise server, Collax V-Bien uses modern virtualization technology. In this way, you additionally benefit from all advantages of virtualization.

In action
After the two Collax V-Bien units are set up, existing servers can easily be migrated over the network. Thereafter, they are highly available without any further customization. If Collax V-Bien notices a defect, it will notify the responsible person. At the same time, it will make sure that this unit is no longer used. Once the defect has been eliminated, Collax V-Bien will resume redundant operation.

Further information:
» Collax V-Bien Datasheet

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