Collax V-Cube+

Virtualization and High Availability for SME


    • Minimization of the total cost of ownership
    • High availability of any operating system
    • Highly available storage
    • Highly available cluster manager
    • Integrated backup & restore
    • Maximum access speed
    • Intuitive administration
    • Straightforward license system




    Collax V-Cube+ is an integrated virtualization and high-availability solution that was developed especially for the needs of SME.

    High availability
    Collax V-Cube+ enables the combination of two Collax V-Cubes to an array. For improved load balancing, the virtual machines (VMs) are distributed to the cluster nodes – either automatically or as the need arises. In the event of a server failure, the virtual machines are automatically started on the other node.

    No external SAN required
    Additionally, Collax V-Cube+ comes with a failsafe, integrated storage solution (Embedded SAN) that combines the hard disks of the cluster nodes, thereby ensuring that all data exist synchronously on all storage media.


    Failsafety and high availability

    Collax V-Cube+ combines two Collax V-Cubes to an array. Such an array is referred to as a cluster. In this way, all VMs gain high availability. In the event of a server failure, the virtual machines are automatically started to the running server. This process goes nearly unnoticed by the user. The user can continue to work despite the server failure.

    Intuitive administration – also available remotely
    Collax V-Cube+ is administered via an intuitive browser-based administration interface. With a few mouse clicks, you can install new applications, remove virtual machines, manage joint storage areas, and back up and restore individual files or entire systems.

    Low costs, high flexibility
    Collax V-Cube+ uses the modern hypervisor KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) as virtualization technology. In this way, you benefit from all advantages of virtualization.

    Redundant cluster manager
    Administrators centrally control all VMs in the cluster via the browser-based user interface. The administration interface is redundantly integrated in the cluster.

    Embedded SAN
    Collax V-Cube+ combines the hard disks of the existing nodes with each other. This technology is called Embedded SAN. In this way, the hard disks make up a shared, redundant storage unit. This approach eliminates the need for an expensive external SAN.

    Backup and restore
    All VMs of the cluster can be included in a uniform backup. Additional functions like instant VM and V-recovery are already integrated in this solution. For maximum safety and additional backup functions, we recommend Acronis Backup Advanced for Collax Virtualization. Please refer to the "Add-ons" tab for further information.


    By means of snapshots of virtual machines, it is possible to return to a particular point in time of the VM operation.

    Live migration
    The live migration capability allows a server to be moved from one node in the cluster to another during operation. During this process, the server continues to perform all tasks and functions without any disruption.

    Screen console via RDP
    The screen console of VMs is also exported via the Remote Desktop Protocol. Using the RDP client that is common in Windows™, the user can access a cluster node as RDP server, thereby gaining access to the list of virtual machines that can be reached.

    Collax V-Cube+ as an appliance
    We also offer our virtualization and high-availability solution as an appliance (hardware with pre-installed software). See the Collax V-Appliance data sheet for information on suitable hardware solutions.

    Further information:
    » Collax V-Cube+ Datasheet

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