Collax V-Server

Virtualization and high availability


SME and freelancers
Even smaller businesses and freelancers increasingly depend on operable IT. A server failure can often bring the operation to a halt, resulting in a loss of valuable time and money. Therefore, it is essential for all mission-critical and applications to be deployed in a high-availability architecture.


Easy. Secure. Cost-efficient.
These are the principles on the basis of which we have developed the Collax V-Servers. We have designed our virtualization and high-availability solutions specifically for the needs of SME and freelancers. Apart from easy administration and installation, they stand out with a high level of security – all of this at a reasonable price.





High-performance virtualization solution. Enables the operation of multiple high-performance servers on a single hardware platform. The optimum solution for ideal hardware utilization, maximum performance, and tight IT budgets.

» Collax V-Cube

Virtualization and high availability

High availability and virtualization designed for SME, with all known advantages such as lower total cost of operation (TCO), maximum failsafety, ease of use, and fair pricing.

» Collax V-Cube+

The one-stop solution

Collax V-Bien is a carefree package that includes hardware, software, support, backup & restore functionality, and the Collax Fencing Device. No additional costs are incurred for an external SAN.

» Collax V-Bien
» Collax V-Bien Pro

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