11th BMVZ Practitioner Congress

Falk Birkner

With wonderful weather and a pleasant flight (AirBerlin I was lucky not to book AirBerlin) I visited our capital last week. On invitation of our specialist dealer Nordprax (many thanks again Mr. Böhle) I was allowed to participate in the practical congress of the BMVZ. The Bundesverband Medizinische Versorgungszentren - Gesundheitszentren - Integrierte Versorgung e.V. is an association of medical institutions and interested companies dedicated to promoting cooperation in outpatient health care.

Although our high-availability solutions are now used in several of these “MVZs” in Germany and help to keep medical care - in terms of IT support - available at all times, I was not aware that these facilities originated from a community of interests of the health centres and polyclinics of the former GDR in the post-reunification period. Towards the end of 2003, the legislator decided that these facilities could be founded under the name MVZ. Today they are an indispensable part of medical care, especially in structurally weak areas.

In the lectures one is drawn fast into the spell of this rapidly growing health market. The possibilities of improving and expanding medical care and diagnostic possibilities through IT-supported systems can hardly be grasped - and probably only at the beginning.

However, the constant availability of IT systems in the healthcare sector is already indispensable today. As Collax, we are very pleased to make medical care more available and thus better through the use of our systems.