Collax V-Bien - Patient data always available!

Petra Kistner

Our managing director Falk Birkner showed the doctors, practice managers and IT specialists present the advantages of our high availability solution live.

Collax V-Bien - Simple. Stable. Highly available.

The visitors were able to convince themselves of the simple administration and the stable high availability of the servers. In the event of a server failure (simulated by a power failure on site), all virtual machines of the switched-off server were immediately moved to the functioning server. The last patient data inserted was also still available. This process went unnoticed by the user.

Even in the event of a complete power failure, the data is still available because we offer an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for our Collax V-Bien / V-Bien Pro. Further information about our all-round carefree package for virtualization and high availability Collax V-Bien can be found here.