it-sa 2016 - Ein Besuch im Frankenland

Falk Birkner

Recently, from 18 - 20 October, this year’s it-sa took place in Nuremberg. In 2009 we were exhibitors there and in 2013 I was the last visitor to it-sa. So it’s high time to go to Franconia 2016 - A visit to Franconia

A large variety of exhibitors, international visitors and three open auditoriums with speed lectures (usually 15 min. long) testified to a positive development - the fair seemed much more mature and lively than in 2013.

Security modules for Linux hypervisors, first attempts to introduce artificial intelligence into IT security and many impressive hacker demonstrations immediately struck me. After marching through the corridors and having had a number of interesting conversations, I attended some lectures. The 15 minute limit was challenging, but most of them were very informative and interesting. During the whole day of the fair the topic Identity- and Access-Management was from my point of view always present.

I am writing these lines sitting on the train on the way to Freiburg, where we are planning the next steps for our new V7 C servers this week - the topic of access management, especially multi-way authentication, will be given a particularly high priority.

Were you at it-sa, too? What were your impressions?