Kopano - A groupware in change

David Helwig

Interesting topic, I thought to myself - since I am currently working in this area as a software developer at Collax. Many innovations were predicted for the Kopano conference. And this promise was kept.

Yeah, what’s new? Not only the name that was changed from Zarafa to Kopano. Also, some features and licensing have changed.

What’s the meaning of this? The Kopano Core Code is now under the AGPL, the same license as the ZCP. However, Kopano Core contains more than the former ZCP. For example, Backup Plus, which was introduced in the last Zarafa version, and Search Plus, which is now called Kopano Backup and Kopano Search. The design has also been completely revised.

What were the findings for me? After spending most of my time in the technical presentations, I would like to highlight the two sessions that were most interesting to me. This was the lecture about Phyton-Kopano and the very interesting lecture about migration.

My conclusion: The conference was definitely worthwhile for me. As a proponent of open source software, I see the step towards more open groupware, as implemented with Kopano, as a step in the right direction.