USB Device Server - The ideal solution for connecting USB devices with Collax V-Bien

Stefan Kaysersberg

Collax V-Bien is an outstanding cluster solution that supports companies in making their IT infrastructure efficient and fail-safe. With the ability to distribute virtual machines (VMs) across multiple nodes, V-Bien offers high availability and enables optimal use of resources. However, there can be challenges connecting USB devices in cluster environments, as direct access to local USB ports is not always available. However, USB connections are often essential, whether for security keys, printers or scanners. In this blog article we take a look at this problem from Collax’s point of view and present an optimal solution: USB Device Server from SEH Computertechnik.

The Challenge: USB Connections with Collax V-Bien

In a state-of-the-art Collax V-Bien cluster environment, VMs can be distributed across different nodes to maximise resilience and performance. However, VMs in such cluster configurations often lack direct access to local USB ports. This leads to difficulties in connecting and using USB devices, which are indispensable in certain scenarios.

The solution: USB Device Server for Collax V-Bien

To overcome this problem and provide VMs in the Collax V-Bien environment with seamless access to USB devices, Collax, together with SEH Computertechnik, offers a tailor-made solution: USB Device Server. This enables access to USB devices via the network. This allows USB devices to be connected at any location in the network and used by the VMs in the Collax V-Bien environment.

How the USB Device Server works with Collax V-Bien

The USB Device Server is simply integrated into the network and connected to the desired USB devices to be used by the VMs. In conjunction with Collax V-Bien, it acts as an interface between the USB devices and the VMs by forwarding the USB data traffic over the network. This allows the VMs to use the USB devices as if they were directly connected to their own local USB ports.

Advantages of the USB Device Server for Collax V-Bien

  • Smooth integration: The USB Device Server can be effortlessly integrated into the Collax V-Bien cluster environment and does not require any complicated configurations.
  • Maintaining resilience: USB device sharing maintains the high availability and resilience of Collax V-Bien.
  • Security and control: The USB Device Server enables controlled and secure use of USB devices in the Collax V-Bien environment.
  • Optimal use of resources: Central management of USB devices optimises physical resources and reduces costs.


The USB Device Server is the perfect solution for companies using Collax V-Bien as a cluster solution and facing challenges connecting USB devices. Thanks to the USB Device Server, USB devices can be used over the network by VMs in the Collax V-Bien environment without the need for direct access to local USB ports. The straightforward integration, preservation of resilience and increased security make USB Device Server an indispensable addition to Collax V-Bien cluster environments.

For more information about USB Device Server from SEH Computertechnik and its various applications in the Collax V-Bien environment can be found on the website. Discover how you can optimise the performance and flexibility of your cluster environment while ensuring convenient access to USB devices.