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Falk Birkner

Cost reduction. This issue is omnipresent. And already brings us to our first BLOG contribution.

In 2014, we decided to reduce our postage costs by sending our invoices by e-mail. The Tax Simplification Act of 2011 helped us to do this. Since 2011, this law has allowed invoices to be sent attached to an e-mail in PDF format. Previously, this was only possible to a very limited extent, e.g. via EDI. Since 2015, we have been sending a large proportion of our invoices in PDF format and were already able to save a four-digit sum in the first year.

Via a partner, we were then made aware of the legal background and quickly saw the effects of this new law on IT and the retention obligations of tax-relevant documents. We attended seminars and talked to lawyers and tax consultants and, based on the knowledge we had learned, wrote a whitepaper which was a - for our circumstances ;-) - (over 200 downloads in one week).

The Quint essence of the white paper: The legal situation is multi-layered and complicated - of course, like in Germany. But with an e-mail archiving solution you have a good basis to remain compliant with the law. It is not enough to print and file the invoices! And how are invoices downloaded from the Internet handled? And why are the “internal control procedure” and its documentation so important?

>> You can download our whitepaper here!