DSGVO update 7.0.26 for Collax C-Server available


Update for Collax Business Server, Collax Security Gateway, Collax Groupware Suite

This update 7.0.26 introduces new features to help implement the new basic data protection regulation. There is a new role for the Collax E-Mail Archive module: the order processor. If it is necessary to delete old e-mails from the archive due to personal data, the order processor can access the archive via Web Access and finally delete e-mails with a right click. A report is then generated, which is usually sent to the data protection officer for documentation. In order to comply with data protection regulations, it may be necessary to delete old statistics after a certain period of time. A retention period has been introduced for the log evaluations of the web proxy, the web server, the mail server and the FTP server. It is now possible to specify how long the statistics should go back before they are automatically deleted. Because we now have to obtain the consent and acknowledgement of our privacy policy, two checkboxes have been added to the registration wizard to confirm them.

Two other processor vulnerabilities have been released under the names Spectre Version 3a and 4. With this update it is possible to close the vulnerabilities with a new microcode.

For more information, see the release notes for the individual products:

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