Update 7.1.0 for Collax C-Server available


This update introduces the new version Apache 2.4. At the same time PHP5 was replaced by the current and more secure PHP7.

Web server and proxy, SSL-VPN, etc.

The biggest innovations of the update 7.1.0 are an upgrade of the components web server and web proxy as well as a new implementation of the remote desktop support via browser (SSL-VPN).

Webserver: This update introduces the new version Apache 2.4. At the same time PHP5 was replaced by the current and more secure PHP7.

Important note! If you are using a Web application, check its functionality before updating. Especially with older applications the new Apache version 2.4 and the upgrade to PHP7 can lead to conflicts. It may also be necessary to update the web application.

Web-Proxy: With an upgrade to Squid 4, the web proxy was also made fit for the future. There are significant improvements in performance and SSL interception. Since the currently used blacklists are no longer maintained, this update replaces them with the lists of the University of Toulouse.

Notice: Check the configured blacklists. Due to the different categories, the expected assignment cannot be made in every case.

SSL-VPN: With modern HTML5 technology, remote computers can now be accessed using various protocols. This means that a remote computer can only be operated with a browser, without installing another program. On the one hand, desktops can be called via RDP and VNC. On the other hand, consoles can be operated with SSH or Telnet. Texts can also be exchanged between the computers via a separate clipboard. With RDP and SSH it is also possible to copy files.

Collax Information and Security Intelligence: A schema change makes it necessary that the elastic stack and the beats are updated at the same time. To do this, update the server with the elastic stack and the server with the file beats immediately one after the other.

Notice: If there are no interruptions in the transmission of the data there may be a note in the release notes.

Kopano Deskapp: Due to the upgrade of the web server it is necessary to use the current community version 2.1.24 of the Deskapp. The current versions for your desktop operating system can be found here.

Many other innovations and improvements: Starting with the checking of mail recipients on another mail server by the mail filter, over an update of the VPN component strongSwan for better utilization of the hardware support, up to the extension of the service list, there are many interesting innovations. Roundcube and Z-Push have also been updated.

Further information and details can be found in the release notes for the individual products:

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