Collax Groupware Suite

Comprehensive collaboration solution with Zarafa


  • Integrated mail server
  • Reliable integration of mobile devices
  • Fully compatible with Microsoft Outlook
  • Comprehensive collaboration solution
  • Global calendar function
  • Spam and virus protection
  • Optional e-mail archive
  • Location-independent access






The increased use of mobile devices and browser-based applications underlines the need for a collaboration platform that is available throughout the enterprise. The Collax Groupware Suite offers access to e-mail, calendars, contacts, tasks, and other resources from every terminal device that is used.

Full Outlook compatibility

Based on the Zarafa, the compatibility with Outlook – which is often a critical issue – is implemented in an exemplary manner.

Three different editions
Collax offers three editions of the Collax Groupware Suite, which are tuned to the particular customer needs:

  • Collax Groupware Suite Community
  • Collax Groupware Suite Small Business
  • Collax Groupware Suite Professional Plus

Function scope of the editions
The three editions address different customers needs ‒ from the starter solution with up to three Outlook workstations up to the comprehensive solution including high availability (see chart).


Easy administration, software always up to date

The browser-based user interface developed by Collax enables local and remote location-independent server administration. Extensive monitoring functions with e-mail alerts reduce the administrator's workload. The easy-to-use update management updates the server software easily and speedily.

Storage and backup
The file server supports all common protocols. The integrated backup/restore functionality allows the setup of comprehensive backup plans and supports multiple storage media, including tapes.

Central user administration
LDAP and Kerberos facilitate the user administration. PDC and ADS connection is supported.

Flexible e-mail server

Of course, the solution supports the establishment of your own e-mail server with your own MX record. Additionally, you can also collect mail from a provider via POP3, IMAP, or multidrop. SSL encryption is supported in all cases.

Secure communication
This solution delivers anti-spam filtering, graylisting, reputation filtering, and a tarpit for secure communication. Optionally, the basic ClamAV anti-virus protection can be supplemented with solutions from Kaspersky or Avira.

Fax and SMS server
The Collax Groupware Suite comes with a fax server, instant messaging server, and SMS server.


Outlook compatibility
Zarafa is compatible with Microsoft MAPI. Thus, Zarafa Groupware is fully compatible with Outlook.

Tasks, contacts, and calendars
Tasks, contacts, and calendars can be used efficiently for improved productivity, as in Outlook.

Available everywhere
Using the browser-based, encrypted access, Zarafa users can access their mailboxes from any computer. For easier orientation, the design of the Web interface resembles that of Outlook. The function scope also includes drag-and-drop support and a multiple calendar view.

Mobile access
Thanks to the Z-push functionality, Zarafa is fully compatible with Microsoft Active Sync. This guarantees smooth synchronization of e-mail, tasks, contacts, etc. on all mobile phones and smartphones. Blackberry synchronization is supported as well.

Recovery of individual e-mails

Using the Zarafa-based brick-level backup/restore functionality, individual e-mails or mailboxes can easily be restored.

Collax Groupware Suite as an appliance
The Collax Groupware Suite is also available as an appliance (hardware with pre-installed software). See our Collax C-Server Appliance data sheet for information on suitable hardware.

Further information:
» Collax Groupware Suite Datasheet

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