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Security and Feature Update 7.0.22 for Collax C-Server available

In version 7.0.22, security holes Spectre variant 1 and in ClamAV are closed. So up by now all Spectre and Meltdown variants are fixed.

Besides better Xen device support and other improvements, the update 7.0.22 offers the new module Collax Information and Security Intelligence.

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Security and Feature Update 7.0.20 for Collax C-Server available

With the version 7.0.20 Collax is upgrading the feature quality of service (QoS) in order to control network traffic in your infrastructure optimally. The previous traffic shaping, including settings, will be removed altogether.

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Update Collax V-Bien 6.5.18 and Collax V-Cube 6.8.14

Interesting innovations are introduced with this update for Collax V-Cube 6.8.14 and Collax V-Bien 6.5.18.

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Update 7.0.10 for Collax C-Server available

With this update 7.0.10 a number of improvements are introduced for the C-Servers. They cover areas such as authentication (LDAP, case- insensitive logins), VPN or DHCP, and also include security fixes, such as for Apache or a crypto library. The new Kopano version 8.3.2 is also available to all groupware users.

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Update 7.0.6 for Collax C-Server available

The first common update, based on version 7, is available for the servers Collax Business Server, Collax Security Gateway, Collax Groupware Suite and Collax Platform Server.

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Upgrade Collax Business Server and Collax Platform Server Version 7.0.4

With the upgrade of the Collax Business Server and the Collax Platform Server the upgrade of the C servers to version 7 is completed. Many new features and improvements have been added to the upgrade. A key focus of the development was the increase in safety, stability and performance.

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Security Update Collax Security Gateway and Collax Groupware Suite 7.0.4

The upgrade to version 7 is finalized with the two servers Collax Security Gateway and Collax Groupware Suite. Thus, all servers are on a consistent update level 7.0.4. As of now, the updates for all C- Servers will appear simultaneously as usual. The update closes two vulnerabilities, which affected the kernel and the DNS resolution service (Bind).

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Security Update Collax Security Gateway 7.0.2

With the update 7.0.2 for the Collax Security Gateway a number of vulnerabilities are closed.

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Upgrade Collax Groupware Suite Version 7.0.2

The next big step on the way to the platform upgrade is done. As of today, the Collax Groupware Suite in version 7 is ready for you in a new look and recent technology. Beside many new features and a number of enhancements, Unified Communication has been the focus of more security, higher stability and greater performance.

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Upgrade Collax Security Gateway Version 7

To be fit for the future, the Collax Security Gateway has been completely updated to the latest state of the art. In addition to new features and many improvements - both on a large and small scale - the focus was on more security, more stability and higher performance.

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Update 5.8.24 for Collax C-Server available

With this update 5.8.24 a critical vulnarability of the database MySQL will be closed.

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Update 5.8.22 for Collax C-Server available

Collax presents a new update for Collax server.

With version 5.8.22, the Collax Groupware Suite and the two modules Collax Mail Archive and Zarafa Groupware is updated.

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