Caution Phishing


Please stay alert!

We have been informed that there have been phishing attempts on our behalf. In a fraudulent attempt, an English mail was sent to try to get the recipient to respond to an open invoice. The sender’s address and signature were used, suggesting that Collax was the originator of the mail. However, if one were to reply to the mail, the reply would not go to the sender address, but to another address. With a header entry “Reply-To:” the reply is redirected to an abused e-mail account with a free mailer.

We ask you to delete these mails immediately and not to answer. If you are in doubt, please contact us. Contact us directly by phone or mail to, not in response to the suspicious mail.

Phishing attacks are becoming more and more mature. Just looking for a bumpy text is no longer enough. Therefore a tip in connection with this attack: Pay attention to who the answer mail goes to. In addition, we do not write to anyone in English in German-speaking countries.

We want to take precautions against further attempts to misuse our good name. In order to keep the risk of another phishing attack as low as possible, we have planned and implemented them: - Use of SPF and DKIM. - Free-mailers were informed about abuse of mail accounts. - An extensive security audit has been conducted. - A data outflow from internal or third party sources could not be proven.