Quality of Service (QoS) - Automatic VoIP Prioritization


The previous Traffic Shaping including settings will be removed altogether.

Upgrade of the QoS-Implementierung for Collax Security Gateway and Modul Collax Advanced Networking

The new QoS implementation is based on DSCP combined with intelligent queue management. This can prevent bufferbloat and automatically offers optimization of the entire network traffic through preset Per-Hop-Behaviour (PHB). For example, voice traffic is always automatically prioritized and bandwidth is reserved.

Compared to previous queue management systems, this QoS implementation consumes less CPU resources. At the same time, it also enables maximum saturation of network traffic compared to previous systems, even if the bandwidth is higher than 100 Mbps.

By default, network control via QoS can be switched on in a separate GUI form and activated by specifying the corresponding bandwidth.

Experts can use traffic policies to mark local network traffic or specific network traffic in the forward queue with DSCPs and thus control the quality of service. The behavior of the QoS implementation is illustrated by statistics graphs. Further information about the new QoS can be found in the release notes and in the help function of the products.