Security Updates 7.0.18, 6.8.16 and 6.5.20 available for Collax Server


The Fix Update 7.0.16 concludes the update year 2017

This update fixes several issues in the network stack that affect restarting certain links. For the indexing of the e-mail archives, the update brings an optimization for the memory allocation.

As a little news the update offers the File-Previewer-Plugin for the Kopano Groupware-Clients DeskApp and WebApp.

An overview of the new features and fixes can be found in the release notes of the individual products:

» Business Server (CBS) - Release Notes 7.0.16
» Groupware Suite (CGS) - Release Notes 7.0.16
» Security Gateway (CSG) - Release Notes 7.0.16
» Platform Server (CPS) - Release Notes 7.0.16