Update Collax V-Bien 6.5.22 and Collax V-Cube 6.8.18


From the areas of security, functionality, stability, ergonomics and troubleshooting, we have included a large number of points in the new versions.

Due to the security fixes for Spectre, we also recommend that you update your Collax systems here.

V-Cube 6.8.18, V-Bien 6.5.22

Besides the security fixes for OpenSSH and Spectre/Meltdown, the update also offers improvements for eSAN replication or clustering. As an innovation, the VNC console for VMs is completely renewed in this update. This makes it very efficient to call and operate the VM console in the web browser without a Java applet. In addition, more virtual hardware, hard disks and network cards can be made available for VMs as of this update.

For more information, see the release notes for each product:

» V-Bien Office 6.5.22, V-Bien 6.5.22, V-Bien Pro 6.5.22
» V-Cube 6.8.18, V-Cube+ 6.8.18